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Umberto Castellani & Amedeo PancottiFrom the passion for racing and the experience of a well-trained Umberto Castellani and Roberto Mori, Umby Racing is born, selling racing and tuning parts. Over 25,000 products that can be purchased online. We bring directly to the race track a car perfectly prepared for you, by a team of mechanics and assistants, ready to be driven.

Specialized in the CIVM Italian Championship Mountain Speed!

We are the team of the multi-champion Amedeo Pancotti:

- 2016 Italian champion> 3000;
- 2014 Italian champion> 3000;
- 2013 Italian SUPERSTARS champion;
- 2006 Italian champion GRA class 2000;
- 1999 Italian champion GRA class 2000;
- 1998 Italian champion GRA class 2000;
- 1983 Italian champion GRA class 1000.

The era of DIY is over ... now it's time to win, as we are used to doing!