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Marco G.
Umby Racing has the largest catalog of racing products I've ever seen!
Andrea S.
I bought racing tires from Umby Racing. Great price and quick shipping!
Flavio P.
Professional competence available to everyone!
Claudio C.
They handled the transport of my competition car with great professionalism.
Paolo B.
I was looking for a spare part for my BMW M3, bought and received in a very short time.
Carlo F.
Grande Punto
Grande Punto



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G.Punto Tutti i modelli -...
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Grande Punto
Grande Punto Tutti i modelli con dischi posteriori - Dischi Freno HPD1182, dal 2005 in poi Diametro 264mm, SP. 10mm, Alt. 40.5mm, 4 fori, dischi forati e baffati, non ventilati, posteriore.
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